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10. Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise

Modern people are busy bees and most of them are lacking of exercise. In fact, exercise is good for the body and the brain because exercise can improve the vascular condition and thus reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke or heart disease. Healthy cardiovascular can stabilize the blood circulation of the body and ensure the brain can get adequate nutrition like oxygen and glucose.

Exercise helps to protect the short-term memory structure of the NLD in the brain, prevent it from staying at a highly tensed condition. It is a very important point since nervous will create cortisol and cortisol will destroy the cells in the hippocampus and damage our memory. Study shows that most cognitive disorder patients usually have a high level of cortisol.

Regular exercise also helps to protect the brain from the damage of free radicals. It can also repair DNA of the cells to prevent cell death.

A major study in Quebec shows that physical activity is associated with cognitive disorders. People with more exercise have a smaller chance of getting this disease. It shows that exercise is essential for a healthy brain. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, please reserve three days in a week and do exercise for 30 minutes to keep your brain healthy.