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1. Crab and Egg Salad Cup

Crab and Egg Salad Cup

Crab and Egg Salad Cup


General seafood contains rich W-3 fatty acid. W-3 fatty acid is an important component of human cells and cell membrane, should intake more in order to supplement the need of the brain and various parts of the body.

Egg contains multiple vitamins, iron can calcium. Its fat is emulsified in the egg yolk, making it easy to digest and absorb and it is a kind of good fats. It contains lecithin and lututrin which have significant benefit to human nervous system and growth. The superb quality of its protein, ovalbumin and vitellin puts it on top of the protein family and also the best supplement of brain development.

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 crab sticks

  • Salad dressing
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • salt

  1. Boil the egg in hot water until cooked. Take out and soak in cold water until cool down. Remove the shell and cut into half. Take out the egg yolk.
  2. Strip the crab sticks and add the egg yolk(add proper amount of egg yolk according to individual flavour, no need to add the whole egg yolk). Add proper amount of salad dressing, condensed milk and salt, mix well.
  3. Pour proper amount of crab and egg salad on the egg white. Put in the refrigerator and keep cool.

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